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One of the big problems in factory was that these days all components have different labeling.

We decided to catalogue all of these barcodes with AI and match them into database.



Barcode AI Scanner

Device itself was very easy. We decided to go with Intel NUC as it has 3 high speed USB ports and very powerful CPU.

3 4K cameras connected into it.

Production line

4K cameras

3 4K cameras with proper lightning mounted on top of production line constantly stream video into processors.

Processors are recognizing codes, matching them with schemas and processing into ERP with proper component name.

All together

Barcode AI Scanner

Integration works very well, and it reduces human mistakes by ~82%.


Embedded projects and integration

  • OTA upgrades for NUC


  • AI alghoritms integrated into business process

ERP integration

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics