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CyberTap is a kind of revolution at pub/restaurants market. It allows client to self-service himself with drinks without needing an additional service (besides card registration).

But it allows more - we know the data, we know when beer will end in the tank, and we know which types of beers are sold most often.

Together with Cesarska we created and successfuly applied working cloud solution to few pubs in Poland.

Currently 3 pubs open - Katowice, Sosnowiec, and Wrocław (Poland).


Client side

Cybertap client

Cybertap client app Cybertap client app

No more queues, history access, possibility to top up card over internet.

Recommendations, notifications and news.

Client also can check only 10ml of drink, he doesn't need to buy full one if he doesn't like it - ideal for craft beer.


Cybertap management Cybertap management 2 Cybertap management 3

Full control of your pub. You know what is going on, you know your revenue, you know which drink is most popular.

At any point you can close shift, disable beer, or disable some device.


Future of CyberTap is bright. We just confirmed, that next pub will be settled up in Cracow.

We are currently looking for partners.

If you are interested in - feel free to contact us at

Cybertap tests


Embedded projects and integration

  • OTA upgrades
  • Screen technologies
  • Whole software
  • Additional service device (tap monitor, cash desk)


  • AI alghoritms to match potential next beer with future customers


  • Highly scallable Kubernetes deployment


  • Android application
  • IOS application