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Hyundai Poland is the one of our Scribe brand customer. Whole time attendance, vacation management, and complex multi-company accounting is done by our custom Scribe module.

Cooperation starts in 2020 and with satisfaction continue by these days.


Scribe integration

Scribe2 Scribe2 panel

Complex reflection of business flow based on our devices. Vacation management, notifications on e-mail, multihierarchy privileges for users.

We also developed a solution for multi-company accounting problem. Everything as a plugins to existing Scribe-2 solution.

Cloud solution

Everything is managed in cloud web application.

Custom devices

Customer wants custom cases and look of devices. Without a problem we model new case, and integrated our solution.


Embedded projects and integration

  • Low-series custom device production
  • Custom embedded plugins
  • Special more-powerful device used

Custom integrations

  • Notification system
  • Custom database models
  • Business flow reflection