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Together with Centrum Druku 3D (Center of 3D print) we are working on device that would help to quickly model and get orthotics device based on leg scan.

Device is capable of doing 12 photos per module in less than 0.1 second in 4K resolution. In 1 second module is capable of doing 120 photos.

With 20 modules loaded * 12 photos - it can do 2400 photos in less than second!

Just to do most reliable, best scan which would be printed as stable orthesis.

After that everything is synchronized to the cloud.

We also managed to integrate position sensors, which correlates with main device to make proper angle of foot during photogrammetry.




Integrated device


12 cameras are connected to the main small sized board which is capable of doing 12 photos in less than 0.1 second.

Whole module is builded of 20 modules at once.

After that module sends images into processing system, generate orthesis model, and print it.


We have a technology to became your partner.

We have experience in cameras, cloud processing and different areas.

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