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Scribe Systems

Scribe brand starts in 2016 as a prototype device. Quickly we realized, that market become bigger and bigger for those kind of devices and business integrations.

Together we created a company that will realize those business projects and solutions. Even more - realize projects from ground to cloud.

We immediately started low-series production of devices, and realizes that it needs to scale.

Scribe devices

Scribe-1 and Scribe-lite

Scribe lite Scribe-1

Absolutely simple to use, plug-and-play devices.

Supports basic time attendance registration, inter-device connection, and reports plugins.

Near 2000 devices sold per year.

Fully compatible with later Scribe-2 devices.

Example clients:

  • ┼╗abka Polska
  • Hyundai

Scribe addons

Scribe mobile

Scribe mobile

Scribe mobile allows to check in the system via GPS localization together with photo.

Needed for multi-location business.

Sold in form of mobile application.

Fully compatible with Scribe-1 and Scribe-2.

Scribe cloud

Scribe cloud allows the user to connect to the system from every place in the world. Hosted by us, multiscallable, allows to handle big traffic.

Fully compatible with Scribe-1 and Scribe-2.

Example clients:

  • Polish cities
  • ┼╗abka Polska



More complex, made for more enterprise customers device.

It supports relay, have multi-privileges, multi-hierarchy system. Scribe-1 and Scribe-lite compatible (records could be synchronized into Scribe-2).

Example clients:

  • Polish Army
  • Remondis
  • Hyundai


Embedded projects and integration

  • Custom PCB projects
  • Medium-series PCB production (realized by partners)
  • OTA upgrades
  • Cloud connection
  • RFID
  • NFC

ERP integration

  • Comarch
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Cloud solutions

  • Kubernetes (all devices are connected to some relay)
  • Docker
  • Multi-scalling environment