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Smart Helmet

Together with KZPT and SmartHelmet we projected, developed and created a solution for firefighters.

On microdisplay firefighter see thermovision screen in front of him, and his command on Commander Center sees streaming that is going on from his front streaming camera.

This is just a beginning. Firefighter also could have pulsoximeter and other sensors attacheted to him, and his commander will see the status in the system.

Nothing is more valuable than a life!

Smart Helmet

Smart Helmet


Smart Helmet Device

Device has 4 main elements:

  • Microdisplay that shows for firefighter current thermovision
  • Thermovision camera
  • Streaming camera (normal camera)
  • Battery

Device can work for 4 hours without interruption.

First configuration could be done via mobile application.

Full software is build by us.

Device - when there is an internet connection - is connected to the cloud.

Device is also capable of seamless upgrades.

Control center

Smart Helmet

Every control center is capable of showing current streaming of thermal camera and normal camera.

Users can log in and see what is going on.

There are also recording of all streams, so everything is clear, even after few months.


Smart Helmet

We have a technology to became your partner.

We have experience in microdisplays, thermal cameras and different areas.

From ground to cloud!

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Embedded projects and integration

  • Custom PCB projects
  • Low-series PCB production (realized by partners)
  • OTA upgrades
  • Thermovision
  • Microdisplays


  • High scallable solution
  • Kubernetes


  • Android applications
  • Bluetooth