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Our story with TCL factory in Żyrardów started in 2018. We started from integrating testing instruments like HighVoltage-Tester with some ERP providers (SAP/Microsoft Dynamics), and continue these days with more advanced ones - AI barcode scanner, test automation, and more.

After succesful several integration - we developed and deployed multiple services and integrations that are one of the key part of the factory these days.

Example projects

HV-test integrator


Integration with some of High Voltage testers - support SAP, Microsoft Dynamics integration, three types of HV-testers, and 2 types of connectors. It allows to effectively manage this test step via integrated web application.

Supports also Over The Air upgrade, so every manufacturing line could receive updates in real time.

Manufacturer systems integrations

We are constantly helping on integrating new test requirements from TV manufacturers with current eco-system.

Custom databases, custom requirements, custom integrations.

HDMI Autotester

HDMI tester

We had created a software that helps testing a HDMI. Our custom device sends HDMI signal, that goes over mainboard of TV, then it's received by framegrabber and backs to the device.

With AI algorithm we are checking if the screen shows proper video. That allows to eliminate one whole point in process and allows to scale it.

Barcode AI Scanner

Barcode AI Scanner

Please see the other page for further details.


Embedded projects and integration

  • Custom PCB projects
  • Low-series PCB production (realized by partners)
  • OTA upgrades
  • VISA, RS232, GPIB protocols
  • Nvidia AI boards


  • AI alghoritms integrated into business process

ERP integration

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics